Bilbo Dog


Meet Bilbo, the scrappy, stubborn Scottish terrier who was plagued by trans-stature issues his entire life. In his prime, he was discovered by a talent agent, and tapped to portray a famous White House pet in a live historical pageant.

A Dog's Life

A Collection of Humorous Tributes Celebrating Man’s Best Friend.


Cats have nine lives; dogs, sadly, have only one. These loving and hilarious tributes to real dogs, complete with revealing photos, are written in the form of witty, tongue-in-cheek obituaries, and deftly capture a wide variety of unforgettable characters. Whether it’s Bilbo, the swaggering Scottish terrier grappling with height envy, Watson, the medicated bichon frise with his own Facebook page, or Boris, the gentle but over-sexed Doberman, these vivid verbal portraits will have you laughing out loud and wiping away a tear or two. A true celebration of man’s best friend, A Dog’s Life is sure to delight any dog lover.

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