Meet Tigger, the incorrigible golden lab universally conceded to ve a VERY “Bad Dog!”. Though charming and affable in appearance, his many nefarious deeds were a constant source of depair. As is true of so many unrepentant sinners, he lived happily to a ripe old age.


New York Post

“This dog obituary book is a tribute to man’s best friend”

“Bogyo, a veteran general manager of Broadway and off-Broadway shows, first thought of the book after putting his beloved Scottish terrier Bilbo to sleep. Through his tears, he decided to write a tribute to Bilbo’s life, using humor to cope with his grief. ‘Favorite pastimes included chasing tennis balls and policemen on bicycles, growling at schnauzers, and rolling in the dirt after first getting thoroughly wet.’”

Pet Life Radio

“Hug Your Dog As You Read This Book”

“For this heart-warming Oh Behave show episode, call your dog over and both listen as lifelong dog lover and author Peter Bogyo shares tributes of dogs in his just-released book, “A Dog’s Life: A Collection of Humorous Tributes Celebrating Man’s Best Friend.” He will also share his lifelong love of Scottish Terriers and collecting memorabilia saluting this breed. We all have a heart dog or dogs who will always remain in our thoughts. This book will make you smile, laugh and even shed a tear of joy.”

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