Meet Lucy, the fun-loving, island-hopping pug with a zest for life. Though not a conventional beauty, she was a triumph of personality- Perle Mesta was her role model.


“An absolutely delightful book, both in terms of concept and style. If I were still running Jonathan Cape, I would not hesitate to publish it myself!”

Tom Maschler, former head of publishing house Jonathan Cape, and creator of the Booker Prize

“Peter Bogyo’s endearing sendoffs are not eulogies—they are warm, funny toasts to our eternal love for our canine family members. You’ll smile and tear up as you recognize your own enduring attachment in his sweet tributes.”

Peter Marks, Chief Theater Critic, Washington Post

“At last, obituaries as they should be written! No boring recitations of Big Accomplishments and board memberships, just what we want to know: what was the deceased really like? Were they funny? Were they kind? Were they prone to promiscuity? Exuberant, or laid back? And what were their pet peeves? You will love every dog in these pages, each given his or her due — not too seriously (hilariously, in fact), and with great, boundless affection.”

Jenny Allen, author of Would Everybody Please Stop?, a finalist for the Thurber Prize

“”This book reminds us to celebrate our canine friends … I give it 5 PAWS!”

Bill Berloni, award-winning theatrical animal trainer and author of Broadway Tails.

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